• Allied Shipping has the privilege of working with several reputed cargo interests, manufacturers, oil & gas, construction, energy, mining and heavy machinery industries and traders.
  • We provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism and our vast experience adds value to the overall success.
  • Our business principles and ethics combined with providing incomparable service through dedication, commitment and teamwork are the foundations of our business.
  • At Allied Shipping we put a great deal of thought into how we care for our customers, treat our colleagues, and conduct our business. We pride ourselves in abiding by a business philosophy that underscores our commitment and enthusiasm. We are passionate about our brand, business and people.


  • Allied Shipping FZCO conducts its business in an ethical and honest manner and always in accordance with the applicable laws.
  • It is our goal to be a leader in reliability, quality of services and operations in the Maritime Industry while integrating the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance and Human Rights.
  • We do not only expect the director, officers and employees but also our counterparties to act in line with our principles, with good judgement, trust, integrity, fairness, honesty and respect. All stakeholders, including the management, officers, employees and counterparties must comply with our basic code of conduct for us to reach our goal.
  • Legal Responsibility and National Interest

    The director, officers, employees and counterparties shall at any time:

    • Respect the law applicable in the country in which they are acting
    • Be committed to contribute to the best of their abilities to the development, National Interest and policies of the county in which they are acting
    • Avoid the conduct of any business conflicting with the laws and policies of the country they are acting in

    Accounting and Financial Records

  • Allied Shipping FZCO will at any time comply with the accounting and reporting standards of the country they are acting in and will maintain its books accurately and truthfully. The company expects the same from their counterparties.
  • Anti-discrimination and Human Rights

  • Allied Shipping FCZO provides for an environment that is free from any discrimination and offers equal opportunities to all its employees and applicants based on their qualification. The company supports fundamental human rights and the application of the International Bill of Human Rights including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
  • Health, Safety and Environment

  • Allied Shipping FZCO shall provide its employees with a healthy and safe working environment and not only comply with the standards and regulations applicable but shall strive to go beyond the basics. The Company shall to its best abilities try to reduce any wasteful use of natural resources and minimize any negative impact of its operations on the environment.
  • Bribery and Kick-Backs

    The director, officers and employees and counterparties shall at NO time:

    • Directly or indirectly offer or accept any kick-back or any payment to or from an employee of a party to a contract by any means.
    • Directly or indirectly offer, demand from or accept any bribe to/from any a public official, political party, political candidate or party official or any private sector employee in order to obtain or grant any business or any other commercial advantage or expedite governmental tasks.
    • Make any political contributions to obtain an unlawful business advantage
    • Make charitable contributions in order to gain an unlawful business advantage.
    • Offer or receive gifts, meals payment of expenses or entertainment that are not reasonable and that are intended to affect the business outcome.


  • Allied Shipping FZCO shall not engage in any unfair or misleading conduct for the purpose of gaining an unjustified advantage over its competitors. The company shall further not engage in any illegitimate or unethical acts to gather information from competitors or act on any information obtained by such means.
  • Conflict of Interest

  • The director, officers and employees of Allied Shipping FZCO must not allow their personal interest to interfere, at the expense of the company, with the interest of the company or its clients, e.g. by using their company contacts to develop their private business or personal interests.
  • Reporting

  • The director, officers and employees of Allied Shipping FZCO shall be transparent to the company and report to their manager, the director or send an e-mail to info@alliedshipdxb.com if they know of or suspect any violations of this code. The company shall protect any employee from retaliation against them if they present any bona fide report of violations to their manager or the director.
  • Questions

  • In case of uncertainties or questions regarding this code, any employee of Allied Shipping FZCO can refer to his manager, the director or send an e-mail to info@alliedshipdxb.com
  • Implementation and non-compliance

  • The director, officers and employees of Allied Shipping FZCO shall comply with this code and may be subject to disciplinary actions or in certain cases even criminal charges in accordance with the local laws. Counterparties should at least have implemented a similar code of conduct in their organisation and in case of any non-compliance with this code Allied Shipping FZCO reserves the right to end the business relation or in severe cases may even claim damages for breach of contract depending on the applicable law.